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Yjasl (Yet just another scripting language) is an easy-to-learn scripting language with a syntax similar to LUA.

It was born midyear 2006 when I needed a scripting language written in C# with support for easy C# function bindings and interactions. At this time I used LUA for creating enigma levels and was impressed by LUA's abilities.

So I started coding my own scripting language in C# based on LUA's syntax and stack machines. The first version called 'nscript' was ready to use after about one month. The current version (yjasl_2.0.5) went through partially code rewrites, vm redesign, opcode changes, syntax changes and heavy optimizations. Just visit the download section at sf.net or read the reference manual to get a picture of Yjasl.

:: easy-to-learn syntax
:: stack-only virtual machine with 44 opcodes
:: 256 namespaces each holding 65536 functions and 65536 global variables
:: independent code memory for each function (each with a maximum size of 64KiB(small) or 16MiB(large))
:: easy C# function bindings
:: C# version runs at about 7 MIPS (vm opcodes with library calls) on a 1GHz Athlon/640MiB RAM/WinXP
:: C version is under construction (and will be _much_ faster)
:: security levels for functions and variables for restricted access to 'unsafe' functions or vars
:: under steady development

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